The main rules for pumping muscles

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By following this list of 10 important rules on how to properly build your muscles, over time you will get the body that you had only dreamed of before. Naturally, it will not be possible to achieve the desired in a short period, however, so that the efforts made do not become in vain, these rules must be recognized for themselves as “golden” and always strictly follow them.

Rule # 1: Nutrition

When shopping for food, do not forget to read the labels. This will help you get reliable information on the amount of calories they contain. And in more detail about the methods of nutrition, you can read in our article – Diet for Muscles.

Rule # 2: Limit Cardio

You should do 3 workouts per week on a treadmill and no more. The duration of one cardio session is approximately 30 minutes. Cardio is best done at intervals – this method will create optimal fat loss while helping to maintain muscle mass. There are two types of interval training – medium and high intensity. The selected complex must be performed 1-2 times a week, within 30 minutes.

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Rule # 3: Reps

Each approach should be no more than 20 repetitions. At the same time, it is important to get the onset of muscle failure at about the 12th repetition of the exercise. The optimal number of repetitions varies between 6 and 12 times in each set. This is the only way to ensure a comfortable increase in muscle mass. The duration of the workout should not exceed one hour, and the rest mode must also be observed – at least 70 seconds between sets. It is important not to increase the amount of exercise, but to correctly add the weight of the projectile.

Rule # 4: Implement Comprehensive Workouts

You should know that the best results from training are achieved if the athlete concentrates on those exercises in which many muscles are simultaneously involved. For example, pull-ups, squats, push-ups, bench press, etc.

Rule # 5: Stretching

Stretching and gentle massaging can help prevent injury and help your muscles recover quickly before your next workout.

Rule number 6: Regular meals

Food should enter your body in small portions, in the amount of 5-6 meals per day. A quality diet high in carbohydrates and protein is needed to support muscle growth and to maintain a high metabolic rate.

Rule # 7: Bodybuilding should be varied

Some parts of your training program need to be changed after 4 – 6 weeks of strict implementation. You can, for example, increase the number of repetitions, add more exercise, or shorten the rest time. Periodically it is worthwhile to carry out pumping workouts.

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Rule # 8: Exercise All Muscles

Try to use as many muscles as possible in each exercise or workout. Due to this, an increased production of growth hormone secretion occurs in the body, which serves as a stimulus for the growth of muscle mass.

Rule # 9: Eating before and after exercise

Eat foods rich in slow carbohydrates (cereals, fruits, vegetables) and proteins one hour before exercise. The ratio of carbohydrates to protein should be: 2 g per 1 g. Eat protein after training, but also add fast carbohydrates (honey, white bread, dark chocolate).

Rule # 10: Rest for Recovery

7-8 hours of sleep a day is the ideal time to fully recuperate, work and feel great. If you had to spend a sleepless night, then you need to make up for sleep sooner.