De May’s tenacity and his hand pumping secrets

Of course, the technique that Berry de May, a renowned bodybuilder and charming athlete, has used in his training for most of his sports life, was by no means unsuccessful. At the age of twenty, he won the title of champion in his native Netherlands thanks to this technique, and a few months later, with the same constant confidence, went to the European Championship, where he was prepared for an equally surprising surprise: first place in the heavyweight division. A year later, Berry decided to focus on improving his abilities and took part in the World Championships, where he again awaited “Lady Luck”: a prestigious second place. And in 1984 the scenario was repeated: again the second place in the World Championship.

Berry didn’t stop there. A year later, he takes part in the Mr. Olympia competition, being on the same site with Arnold himself! But this did not bother him at all, and he again was able to show all his capabilities from the most worthy side, having won the sixth place. And in 1988 another great success: Berry took the deserved third place!

Having reached the status of one of the most successful athletes in the world in bodybuilding, de May was in for trouble: an injury that he received at one of the competitions forced the athlete to undergo the necessary treatment to recover in the hospital. The right pectoral muscle could not withstand the heavy load and broke like a string pulled too tightly.

While in the hospital, de May more than once recalled the words of Arnold, who once expressed the opinion that those athletes who train really correctly are a priori protected from injury. This phrase forced de May to reconsider a lot in his approach to training, to think about where he could have made a mistake that led to injury.

Gradually, the muscle healed, and Berry began to gradually return to training, using methods that promised a quick return to the previous state. And here Berry was expecting a real discovery that turned his whole idea of ​​training upside down!

Recalling his training before the injury, de May suddenly realized that he belonged to the category of athletes who can be called naive. And all because earlier progress for him depended only on the intensity of training, by which he understood as many heavy weights as possible. He increased the intensity of the exercises, based on the fact that the more heavy weights, the more significant muscle growth will be.

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After his injury, Berry often watched other athletes train and discovered a new approach. It turns out that intensity is a combination of three factors that are completely different in meaning: the number of sets, rest between them, and the magnitude of the burden. In this case, the magnitude of the burden is, logically, the final link of the training. Considering the above factors, the intensity should be increased primarily by increasing the number of sets or their variations, after which the rest intervals between exercises should be gradually reduced.

Hand Exercise Approach

Having discovered a new approach to training, Berry came to the conclusion that the first sets of each next exercise should be inserted between the last sets of the previous exercise. As a result, all exercises are one long set of 45 minutes long.

Being a true professional in his field, de May always starts training with a warm-up. It consists of a series of simple exercises on a block device, after which Berry moves on to curl the arms with a barbell. The main goal that de Mei sets for himself is to complete this exercise, despite all its complexity. The athlete admits that sometimes he does it to the limit, but this gives him a chance not to use critical weights after that, but only to “finish off” the tired biceps. The main rules that Berry is guided by are medium grip and slow, full of maximum tension movements.

After that, Berry proceeds to alternate bending of his arms with dumbbells. Here again the rule of “wedging” the first two sets between the last ones is in effect.

Split program

Day 1 – chest, shoulders
Day 2 – back, triceps
Day 3 – rest day (aerobics)
Day 4 – back, legs
Day 5 – arms
Day 6 – rest

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A set of exercises for hands

  • Bending arms with a barbell – 4-6 approaches, repeat 8 times;
  • Bending arms with dumbbells – 4-6 approaches, repeat 8-12 times;
  • French bench press – 4-6 sets, repeat 8-12 times;
  • Pressing the triceps down on the block – 4-6 sets, repeat 8-12 times;
  • Triceps extensions with one hand with a dumbbell – 4-6 sets, repeat 8-12 times;
  • Isolated bending of the arms – 4-6 approaches, repeat 8-12 times.