The mistakes of novice bodybuilders

The mistakes of novice bodybuilders

Many athletes, starting to engage in bodybuilding, make a number of mistakes that can damage their health and not bring the desired results after training.

Mistake # 1: Lifting a lot of weight right away

By right, this error is considered the most common. Wanting to impress a woman, friend or more experienced athlete, a novice bodybuilder immediately takes on lifting a lot. This should not be done, as it is fraught with serious damage to muscles, joints or ligaments.

Mistake # 2: Non-compliance with hygiene standards

The gym is an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria, as this is where athletes train using the same equipment. Leaving sweat aside, athletes move on to other exercises. The next athlete should come to this place. Therefore, compliance with basic hygiene standards will help avoid infection. To do this, you just need to have a towel with you to wipe off sweat, napkins for cleaning equipment after class, and of course always wear clean clothes and shoes when going to the gym.

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Mistake # 3: Incorrect scattering of sports equipment

Be sure to clean up after exercises with pancakes, dumbbells or a barbell. This is not only considered good form, but also helps to avoid unexpected injuries if any of the athletes trips over the projectile.

Mistake # 4: Extensive Gym Communication

Long conversations not only distract beginners from concentrating on the exercise, but also lead to the fact that the rest of the athletes have to wait for the release of the projectile.

Mistake # 5: Ignoring Bar Locks

This error should remind you of the mandatory use of locks when exercising with a barbell. Otherwise, in case of an unforeseen distortion, the pancakes can slip off, which will lead to injury to the athlete himself or to athletes training nearby.

Mistake # 6: More Sets – Better Effect!

This phrase is completely illogical. Novice bodybuilders should remember to train the body by gradually increasing the load. The quality of the exercise is sometimes more important than quantitative approaches or weights.

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Mistake # 7: Incorrectly performed exercise

When performing an exercise with any apparatus, the athlete must adhere to unspoken rules. If the exercise is performed incorrectly, it not only does not give a positive effect, but can also harm your health. Therefore, novice bodybuilders are advised to work with a trainer.

Mistake # 8: Failing to combine strength and cardio workouts

Beginners should definitely combine cardio and strength training in order to get a beautiful and healthy body as a result. Experts recommend doing three strength and two cardio workouts per week.


Mistake # 9: Ignoring writing a training plan

It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of each workout will depend on a pre-established diary with regular filling out of classes – a description of which muscles are being trained today, an exercise program, the number of approaches or weights. This will help to clearly track the dynamics of the results obtained.

Mistake # 10: Incorrect power supply

Proper nutrition is not only the key to a healthy lifestyle, but also to maintain the effectiveness of the training. Therefore, adherence to the diet and balanced nutrition should be in the asset of every novice athlete.

Only by avoiding all of the above mistakes can a novice bodybuilder be able to achieve good results!