how to progress for six months without changing the program

Ways to progress six months without changing programs

1. Increase in working weight

The first and easiest way is to increase your working weight in order to put more stress on your muscles. You add 5-10-15 kg on each side and continue exercising. Your muscles believe: “Well, I haven’t had such a load yet, something new …”, as a result, progress will not be long in coming.

Try to break your personal weight record with every workout.

There are many different pyramids that allow you to load the muscles, shock them and make them develop again. The competition method also works very well:

  • You come to the hall
  • Start doing the same exercises
  • The work is carried out with the highest possible weights that you just took

Today you need to try to beat yourself, take more weight, do more reps with it, and then repeat in the same way with other exercises. The result of such training will be that the previous weight will seem light, and you can move to a higher level. For example:

  • You did a bench press with a weight of 80 kg
  • Today we held a competitive training and took 110 kg on the chest
  • At the next workout, 80 will not be enough for you, you will want to throw 5 kg on each side
  • In this case, you will do the same repetitions as with 80 kilograms.

This method will force you to progress and overcome stagnation.

2. Change the speed of the exercise

Another point that will add variety to your workouts. The whole point is to slow down or, on the contrary, increase the pace of the exercise. It is very good to combine the method of increasing weight with the method of varying speed. Thus, increasing the weight – your speed will decrease, but the efforts that you apply, on the contrary, increase. When the weights on the shells get smaller, there are several options:

  1. You will increase the pace
  2. Or slow down the speed of the exercise

Consider only the fact that when losing weight, you need to perform a set 100% technically correct, especially for the first option. Very often, an athlete sacrifices technique at the expense of speed. This training method also exists, but here you need to do the exercise until your own muscles fail. Work to the point where you simply won’t be able to do one more repetition.

3. Change the slope

You don’t have to change the exercises in your program – just as you did the bench press, keep doing it. The main aspect is to change the slope, you can raise the bench or, on the contrary, lower it. Thus, a regular bench press will work your muscles in new ways, which means they will progress.

how to progress for six months without changing the program

Changing the incline will force your muscles to readjust to the new load.

Do the same with other exercises. Squats can be done deeper, but then it is better to lose weight and add reps. You can do deadlift with the following method:

  • Raise the barbell halfway first
  • In the next approach, lower it to half so that the projectile does not touch the floor
  • Then do a set at full amplitude

If you are working for biceps, just push your torso slightly forward and make sure that your elbows do not protrude beyond the line of the torso. In short, how to change the angle, but without changing the exercise itself, you can give a lot of examples, you are limited only by your own imagination.

4. Change the projectile

Another easy way to diversify your workout and overcome stagnation is to change the shells. If you did a barbell press, use dumbbells for the next week or two. You can do the same with the “army” press , as well as exercises for biceps or triceps. Use dumbbells or weights to give your body an unfamiliar load. Thus, you shock him every time and do not allow him to get used to the workout.

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The more often you change the shell, the more productive you will be. Monthly replacement of training equipment is considered the best option, but outstanding athletes such as Frank Zane changed them every week. Again, there are no restrictions – just listen to your body and make decisions depending on when you feel that the muscles are not starting to work with such efforts as before.

If you get used to it – change it, you get used to it again – change it again and so on all the time.

5. Increase or decrease in intensity

And the final way is to change the intensity of your workout. It is enough only to slightly reduce or, on the contrary, increase the rest time, so that the muscles are already working in an unusual mode. The following cyclicality works best:

  1. You shorten the rest time between sets in order to barely have time to recover and begin the exercise
  2. You are increasing your rest time so that the muscles in today’s workout work in a sparing mode

Then you need to increase the intensity again and surprise your body. Do not let him relax, and even more so do not let him get used to the stress. This is the only way you will progress every day.

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Now your arsenal of knowledge has been replenished with 6 powerful tools that will help you to practice for six months without changing the training program. This method is great for athletes who are no longer beginners. These techniques need to be introduced by those who have already reached a certain level in building their body and want to move to a new one. The main advantage of these methods is that training ceases to be routine, you will begin to constantly be surprised at the loads and sensations. As a result, progress will not be long in coming.