How to sit on the split – the best exercises

The twine is an acrobatic element. It can be longitudinal, transverse and sagging. To sit on the twine, you need to have the desire and regular training. But how quickly you can achieve your goal depends only on you. In this article we will look at: how to sit on the split in the shortest possible period of time and get acquainted with the most effective set of stretching exercises.

Basic rules for beginners

how to do twine in a month

  1. Warm up great! Before you start stretching, be sure to do a cardio load, that is, run intensively and jump for at least 10 minutes, so that you sweat.
  2. Relax! As strange as it may sound, stretching occurs at the moment of relaxation. When you experience muscle pain, in no case should you strain and squeeze the muscles, on the contrary, relax. It is worth noting that severe pain cannot be tolerated, otherwise muscles and ligaments can be torn. The pain should be pleasant, or at least bearable.
  3. Exercise regularly! Strength in constancy. The optimal number of workouts is 5 times a week (to achieve quick results). The duration of one workout is 30 minutes (of which 10 minutes warming up and 20 minutes of stretching). At your request, you can increase the time of stretching according to your well-being, but not decrease it in any way.

A set of exercises for longitudinal twine

how to sit on a longitudinal twine

To sit on a longitudinal split, you need to stretch the back muscles of the thigh well. To do this, follow the 5 lead-up exercises below. It is worth noting that even after the whole complex is stretched, it is necessary to sit on the twine slowly and smoothly – without sudden jerks.


The spring is the most effective twine exercise. It performs 2 actions at once – it perfectly warms up the back of the thigh and brings the muscles into tension.

  1. Place the handles on the floor for support, lunge back with your left foot and place it on the ball of your foot. The main weight should be on the right leg and the knee angle of the right leg should be straight (90 degrees).
    best twine exercises
  2. On count 1 – stretch your back leg, on count 2 – sag down, slightly softening the knee. Repeat these 2 points for 30 seconds at a brisk pace for each count, like a spring.
  3. Change the right leg to the left and spring for another 30 seconds.

Lunge forward

best twine exercises

  1. Place your right foot forward and your left foot back on your knee. The angle under the knee of the right leg should be slightly more than 90 degrees.
  2. Place your hands on your lower back.
  3. Sag and lightly press on the muscles between your legs.
  4. Hold the statistical position for 30 seconds.
  5. Change the right leg to the left, then stretch for another half minute.