Weight Loss training program

The program consists of 5 training sessions. Ideally, it is better to train on: MON, TUE, WED, Fri, SAT.

The first training session is performed separately. It works out the muscles of the legs and chest. It should take approximately …

Aerobic training for relief

To create relief, you need to work in two directions: muscle hypertrophy and fat burning.

  • The first stage in achieving relief includes training for muscle growth and a weight-based diet.
  • If you develop sufficient muscle volume, you can start burning

Push-up program

Many people want to look fit, slim and be in great physical shape. But, unfortunately, not everyone wants or can, due to certain circumstances, visit a gym or equip a sports corner at home. This is not required if you …

Stretching for beginners at home

Stretching exercises improve muscle recovery after strength training. They are a necessary part of a weight loss, wellness, or strength training plan. Muscle stretching is necessary for athletes, dancers and ordinary office workers. Physical inactivity, an unnatural posture when working …