General principles of bodybuilding

General principles of bodybuilding

Are you new to the exciting world of bodybuilding? Then, first of all, you need to understand the basic principles and ideas of muscle growth! If you do not know the basic facts, you can compensate for the lack of facts by knowing the mechanisms and principles! And having dealt with them, you will certainly achieve significant results!

Do you want to have a mountain of pumped up muscles as quickly as possible? Read this section of the book! Have you read it? You probably have a lot of questions. Do not be alarmed, all difficulties are surmountable, problems are solvable, goals are achievable!

Let’s start with the very first, most important principle – rapid muscle growth! Following this principle, you will invariably attract the attention of not only your “fellow trainers” but also the opposite sex!

Recovery principle

Muscle recovery

What is bodybuilding to you? Sport? A pumped-up mountain of muscles? Press cubes? A flat belly of a sexy model? For each of you, the definition of bodybuilding is different, individual. But fitness should become for you not just physical exercises, it should become your lifestyle, lifestyle! After all, you will be doing it 24 hours a day. Do you think I’ll make you do push-ups at night? Not! Know that the most important thing happens at night. Rapid muscle growth does not happen during training, but during rest! Paradox? But it really is! Therefore, you do not need training that depletes your muscles for a long time. Rest is needed, during which “training recovery” occurs. After training, small tears appear in the muscles. At rest, tears are repaired and then the muscles adapt to stress. Muscles grow even then When you sleep. Very convenient, isn’t it? Therefore, the balance between training and rest must be respected unquestioningly and unconditionally!

Overload principle

Have you seen regular gym goers who stay in the “old days” for months? There is no muscle growth, a pumped-up belly, practically no changes at all! Do you know what is the reason? Because they do not add weight to the load. Each time the same load, the same weight, the same painfully familiar exercises. Accordingly, the same result (more precisely, its absence).

Please note: every time, every workout, you need to increase the load, set difficult tasks. Naturally, gradually, but every (!) Time. If the muscles do not increase the load (multiple repetitions, more weight compared to previous loads), the muscles will not increase in size. Everything is natural! It is necessary to set yourself a task an order of magnitude higher, to overload your muscles. Then the muscles will adapt to seemingly overwhelming tasks, and soon you will surely be surprised at the progress! You will see it with your own eyes!

And further. If you make this principle your credo in training, the result will exceed all your expectations!

The Diary Principle

Do you know what is the secret of serious achievements in bodybuilding? What will help you organize, plan your training sessions, remember the principle of overload and other important principles? This is a diary. “An ordinary diary” – you ask? No, unusual! Training Diary! In it, you will begin to mark the weight you took last time, the weight you plan to take today. In it, you will indicate other, especially important things. I will talk about how to fill out the diary a little later. Do you think you can handle it without him? Well, well … Then, friends, do not be surprised at the lack of progress …

The principle of “Men and women”

I’ll tell you a thing that you never expected to hear from me. There is no difference between the training of the stronger and the weaker sex. There is a difference in goal setting. What do women want from training? A flat stomach, toned thighs and buttocks. And the men? Relief muscles, abs cubes, rapid muscle growth. Men have different hormones that help their muscles grow. This is genetically laid down. If a woman wants a “masculine” figure, she needs not only classes in the gym, but also hormonal drugs. And regular trips to the gym will only make her figure elastic, trained.

The Exercise Principle

Isolation exercises

All exercises can be classified into several parts:

  • by the number of muscles involved in the exercise (isolating, basic).
  • in the direction of the vector (pulling, pushing).
  • by muscle groups on which the load occurs (for the abdomen, legs, back, and so on).

You, beginners, are recommended first of all basic exercises . These exercises guarantee the rapid growth of all muscle groups. Classic basic exercises are performed using loads (barbells, dumbbells), but not with simulators! By their principle of work, they make your task easier. You need it? Remember the overload principle! It is necessary to perform the exercises correctly, then the muscles will be worked out.

Repetition principle

What is repetition? This is doing the exercise from start to finish. Typically 6-12 reps are done. This is due to the fact that it is precisely this number of repetitions that provides the fastest possible muscle growth (and this is exactly what we achieve, isn’t it?). So that you can do this many reps, reduce the weight to 60-70% of what you could only do once. Well, for example. If lying down I can squeeze a barbell weighing 100 kilograms, then with a barbell 70 kilograms I would do 6 to 8 reps. A series of repetitions at a time is called one set or set.

Principle “Approaches (sets)”

Weight selection and warm-up exercises

Any exercise must be done in a certain number of sets. Sometimes the load can be underestimated or, on the contrary, exaggerated. The most optimal amount for rapid muscle growth is in one simple exercise from 2 to 4 working approaches. Sometimes sets with a minimum weight, warm-up sets are added to them. For a muscle group in bodybuilding, 2-4 exercises are used, respectively, from 4 to 16 sets per workout. It is written as follows: bench press lying 4X6 – 8. That is, 4 sets of 6-8 repetitions. That’s the math!

Refusal principle

This principle is directly related to the overload principle. How do you know if your muscles are overloaded? When muscle failure occurs, then there is muscle fatigue. With such fatigue, the correct technique for performing the exercise is no longer within your power. You do not push up at full strength, do incomplete presses. Muscle failure is a guarantee of sufficient stress on the muscles. If you stopped earlier, i.e. at the moment when you can still do the exercise, then your muscles do not receive a load, therefore, they do not grow. But you need your muscles to grow and grow!

Complexes (split)

Errors during exercise

Previously, each bodybuilder was engaged in only one type of workout. The uniformity of the exercises had to be compensated for by a significant number of exercises and sets. Consequently, due to the enormous fatigue, it was very difficult to engage all muscle groups and fully train with them. This means that the effectiveness of the training was low.

Then, instead of such training, they decided to load different muscle groups. This system is called “Split” (translated from English means “splitting”). Different muscles are supposed to be pumped on different days. As a rule, the workout lasts 2-3 days, then they rest for one day. There are a lot of splits, but after each training day, a day of rest is required! And all the muscles in the body receive a sufficient load once every 4-8 days.

The principle of “Nutrition”

The most difficult principle. Although for someone like … The bottom line is that you need to completely revise your diet. The reward for this will be a high level of sports achievements! To grow muscle faster, you should eat much more often, but reduce your portions. This, in turn, will speed up your metabolism. And also you need to increase the amount of building material for muscles – protein. In the proportion of 2 grams of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight. For 70 kg – 3.5 kilograms of protein. Is it impressive? Impressive?

Proteins are found in eggs, fish, meat and dairy products. Protein cocktail? Great option, especially for the night!

Growth principle

The most important thing is desire. With an incredible tool like bodybuilding, you can get an amazing body. Build up a mountain of muscles, or maybe just pump up a little? Everything will work out if you have the drive and perseverance in achieving the goal. You are not yet familiar with the unique capabilities of your body. When looking at professional athletes, remember that they were once in your place. They didn’t know much, they didn’t know, they were afraid. We started with a light weight, gradually increasing the load. But today they are at the top of the podium. So take a step towards them! Grow constantly, do not stand still! Change your body for the better!