What sport to send your child to


What sports are there?

Depending on their specific nature, sports are divided into the main groups:

Play (team, individual); the former include the most popular and spectacular disciplines – football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, while the latter include tennis, golf, badminton and swimming;
martial arts – these include all types of martial arts;
power lifting – powerlifting, weightlifting;
cyclic – running, swimming;
extreme – mountaineering, parkour, skateboarding.
Martial arts
Martial arts contribute to overall physical development, strengthen the immune system, and teach your child to take a punch. By attending a martial arts class, you can boost your self-esteem and develop a sense of self-worth, which is important for shy and insecure kids.

The age for starting training should only be decided after consulting your paediatrician. General recommendations are aimed at children from the age of 4 years.

Training can start from 4-6 years of age and parents should prefer non-contact or low-injury martial arts. These include Wushu, Aikido that promote psychomotor development, discipline, and help concentrate attention.
Children aged 9-12 can participate in more active training where they practise striking techniques and combat tactics. Martial arts such as judo, taekwondo, karate and self-defense are optimal.
The basic body systems of 9 to 12 year olds are almost fully developed. Strengthened joints and ligaments allow them to attend boxing and kickboxing lessons where the injury rate is quite high.
The indisputable benefits of martial arts classes are an increase in overall fitness level, focus, self-esteem, the ability to stand up for oneself and not get confused in a difficult situation. However, parents should remember about the possibility of injury to your child, as contact martial arts involves hitting and using painful techniques. Therefore, you should choose a martial arts section for your son or daughter, taking into account both positive and negative aspects of training. Based on the popularity and relevance of the martial arts, the cost of classes is established.


It is a kind of football and therefore has all the advantages and disadvantages of being a team sport. Its high level of demand makes the cost of training quite high (the average figure is 8-10 thousand roubles a month) but, despite this, the pleasure and physical benefits for the child are many times greater than the material outlay:

competitive play with peers builds character and leadership qualities;
physical fitness levels are improved;
self-esteem grows;
dexterity, reaction speed and logical thinking.
But there is a risk of injury during a game or training session. In order to prevent injuries, the players should play safely and follow the rules, and all players should behave in a friendly manner.

The optimum age for starting a football career is between the ages of 3-5 years. Your child will develop an interest in ball games on a professional level and learn to handle the ball in a playful manner.


Swimming classes may help your child’s immune system, improve posture and overall physical performance. Experts recommend starting swimming at an early age. Such a start will properly form the muscular skeleton, strengthen the joints and cardiovascular system.

By choosing individual lessons for babies from 3 months onwards, parents can be sure that their child will develop harmoniously in the future.
For children from 3 to 5 years old, small group lessons where the instructor will explain and help them acquire the basic swimmer’s skills in a playful way will be the best option.
For children in the middle and older age categories (5-13 years) swim lessons should begin with breathing exercises and general physical preparation.
However, if your child has not mastered the technique of swimming, you may cause harm to your health by injuring your spine with an incorrect position of the body in the water. To prevent this, it’s best to ask for a personal counselling session with a trainer. The cost of such an exercise will be more expensive than usual, but will bring great benefit. A monthly pass to the children’s swimming school Premier Sport fitness club costs 12 500 rubles, personal trainings in the pool start at 1 700 rubles.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Gymnastics classes will instill diligence in your child from an early age. After all, a gymnast needs to work hard on his or her own body to achieve results. Physiological innate flexibility in children is at a high level until the age of 5 years, so if you decide to do gymnastics, it is advisable to enroll your child in a gymnastics class from the age of 4-5 years.

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