Why children and young people need to exercise


Doctors and teachers constantly talk about the benefits of exercise for children and adolescents.

They insist that physical exercise is essential for the harmonious development of the young body. About this written thousands of articles and scientific papers, filmed a considerable number of television programs.

So why kids and teens to do sports? Studies conducted by Russian scientists. They managed to prove that it is the age of 5-8 years is of paramount importance in the formation of an adult body. The more active and active in this period, the lower the risk of heart attack (atherosclerosis) in future. Doctors have pointed out that physical activity:

prevents changes in posture;
it helps to fight weight gain;
it relieves back pain;
and prevent the development of dystonia.
In addition, physical exercise helps children to control their bodies and develop their motor and mental faculties.
Communication skills and interaction with peers
We spend most of our time in the community. First kindergarten, school, and then work. To feel comfortable around people, one needs to develop communication skills from a young age. Team sports can help with this task. A boy or a girl will quickly learn to socialize with their peers and understand friendship and team spirit.

Girls are advised to try synchronised swimming, handball or volleyball, while boys prefer football, hockey or basketball. According to experts, training can start at the age of 5.

Improving coordination and character building

Have you ever noticed that professional athletes are goal-oriented and know how to achieve their goals? Regular training disciplines your child and builds character. They learn responsibility and, as a result, grow up to be strong, self-motivated individuals.

Sports are just as important in the lives of teenagers. For them, it is “proper recreation” and a protection against the destructive influence of the street. Exercise not only affects the condition of the body, but also improves the coordination of movements, which over time they become clearer.
Choosing a section: Highlights
How to choose the right sport for children? This is a question every parent who cares about the health and harmonious development of their child faces. At the age of 5-8, children rarely know what they want, so the choice is up to mums and dads.

In some cases, medical conditions are decisive. For instance, doctors strongly recommend that children with a curvature of the spine go swimming. You can read more information about learning to swim here. Psychologists also give their recommendations. They believe that the sections should be selected, taking into account the temperament of the child.

Benefits for cholerics Even at a very young age cholerics are active supporters. They just love to attend various competitions. Children are unusually active, so training for them is a kind of relaxation. They are advised to do, for example, boxing, wrestling, martial arts. No less confident choleric feel in a team, so if a child has expressed a desire to play football, do not discourage him.
Benefits to sanguine children sanguine person is balanced and friendly. Even at a very young age they can think fast and have a good response. They can succeed in almost any sport, but usually choose the ones where you can express their personality. This could be obstacle course, downhill kayaking, downhill skiing, fencing or other activities that involve excitement and some risk.
Benefits for phlegmatics Possessors of this type of temperament are calm and a bit slow. They are uncomfortable to feel in a team of football or hockey, but will be able to achieve success in chess or checkers. They are able to calculate the situation a few moves ahead and build a complex combination. Children phlegmatic rather hardy. This quality helps them excel in long-distance running or cycling.
Benefit for melancholic Children with a melancholic temperament have a sluggish, apathetic character, but they are incredibly balanced. This trait allows them to succeed in the sport of shooting, javelin or discus. Noticing the child’s love of animals, you can safely give him to ride because of the melancholic excellent rider.

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