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Today, classical techniques and principles of bodybuilding are undergoing significant changes. But a very small part of them give urgent and necessary recommendations to those who first came to the gym in order to fulfill their intended goal, to become simply very large. And this is really so, because now all scientific reserves are aimed at helping athletes who have already achieved serious results in order to achieve truly great results. These athletes already need to go beyond the natural edge of a person’s capabilities in order to overcome the “dead center” when an increase in strength and muscle mass is not felt in any way.

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However, nothing is as critical as starting a workout. Joe Wonder’s principles do not work here either, which only testifies in favor of supporting the already gained muscle mass. That is why the beginning is at the same time a change in lifestyle and a solid foundation for the future result. It will be comparable in size to a tiny house or a huge Empire State Building directly depends on the basis.

However, what is the right way to lay a solid and reliable foundation?

The first step is mental adjustment to get results, clear motivation that will push a person to go to the gym and train. It’s worth believing that after a few years you will look so well built and athletic that you can rival magazine cover champions. This idea should not be hampered by common thoughts of insufficient strength or inadequate genetics. In bodybuilding, this simply does not matter, because the result depends directly on the diligence and systematic training, adherence to the system of rules and rational recommendations.

The second step is to get hard training skills, which means no simulators and blocks. It is much more optimal to work with dumbbells and a barbell, because these shells cover wide muscle groups, developing them. This is how basic training begins, leading to an increase in strength and mass, which is very useful for achieving the intended goal of becoming strong and large.

Nutrition is an essential factor for muscle growth and is just as important as training itself.

Just as you can make mistakes in training, mistakes are inevitable in terms of nutrition. Eating is just as important as exercising. But how many mistakes are associated with nutrition, especially at the very beginning of the journey: many simply eat a lot of meat. Considering that the mass fraction of protein in meat is only 20%, then an excessive amount of fat is certainly eaten with it, which depletes the muscle relief, being deposited subcutaneously.

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The meal is divided into 4 meals daily: one breakfast followed by three meals. Protein intake is also included in nutritional needs, however, not for energy consumption of the body, but as a plastic material for building muscle fibers. With this type of diet, the intake of fat decreases.

Protein utilization is an individual ability for everyone, which grows with the training of a person. There is often one problem: initially, with abundant nutrition and a reduced capacity for protein utilization, you can begin to get fat. There is no way to prevent this – you just need to reduce the calorie intake.

However, one thing is certain: obesity is not a bodybuilder’s ally. When losing weight, fat cells are depleted, becoming unobtrusive. When the diet provides for enhanced nutrition, then obesity will certainly come.

Nutrition is a delicate tool for muscle growth that, like exercise, must be used skillfully. One without the other has no future and without fanaticism in the observance of nutrition, it makes no sense to be a fanatic of training.

Although the size of the muscles does not make an athlete a great bodybuilder. Of course, the volume of muscles pulls people into bodybuilding, without which there is nothing to do in it. The bodily proportion is also important – the proportionality of the muscles. Underestimating these factors will not make you look like a champion.

Before building up muscles, take a closer look at the skeleton: if you stoop or drop your shoulders, then you need to work on this initially. This can be explained as follows: if such an impression is already being created, then with the increased mass it will be more pronounced. This can also lead to deformation of the spine due to the redistribution of the load on the spinal column. In this case, the likelihood of injury is very high.

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Getting started – changing the position of the body. Start by shaping the skeleton, straighten it. A straight back is an indicator of a high level of fitness. You can always see a bodybuilder in it, so turn your shoulders.

Starting to work on yourself, you should not look into the future, you do not need to understand the complex technique of techniques and techniques. It is better not to waste time on this, following an already invented and effective technique.

Getting the most out of every workout is the only correct approach to implementing an idea. However, overtraining is also worth wary of. There is no need to be distracted by anything else, because this is an already difficult task.

There is no need to set yourself definite and rigid deadlines. Even if a person’s capabilities are not limited by genetics, then it simply predetermines the timing. There is nothing to be done, but the growth of the mass is strictly individual, but it is there. This is indispensable.

When you start training according to this scheme, having connected all your perseverance and patience, you will get an increase in muscle mass in return. Moreover, it is simply inevitable. As the sun always rises every day, so after each workout you will get a certain increase.